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Chinese New Year Hits Home

The Chinese New Year began over 3,500 years ago when the mythical beast called the “Year” or “Nian” would terrorize the people, animals, and properties on the eve of the New Year. The beast was said to resemble an Ox, but have the head of a lion, and would live in the sea. People were terrified of this beast until a wise old man learned that the “Year” feared the color red, fire, and loud noises which lead to people hanging red Duilians and lanterns around their houses and businesses as well as using firecrackers. The origin of the Chinese New Year can be dated all the way back to the Shang Dynasty (roughly 1600-1046BC) and those early celebrations began as a sacrificial/religious experience but over the centuries it has evolved into what it is nowadays where people travel to see their family and enjoy decorating with bright red colors, setting off fireworks, sending and receiving red envelopes with small gifts (check out our social media for more special info), and eating good food.

As many of you know the Chinese New Year starts on different days every year, this is because unlike most traditions, they do not use a set calendar. The Chinese Lunar calendar is what determines when the New Year begins, the New Year begins on the first new moon of the lunar calendar and people will celebrate from then until the first full moon of the lunar calendar. The Chinese New Year started out relatively small but it is now one of the biggest holiday celebrations in the entire world.

Dedication and innovation make Quality Cleaners top notch

“...because they’re dedicated, they innovate, they save you time, and they can extend the life of your garments. Plus, your clothes will look way better than after you do them yourself.”

– Local Town Pages

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Best dry cleaner I have ever been to and I have lived all over the state including the Boston and Quincy area.

Paul S.

Beyond impressed with the new owner who was eager to help and calmed me instantly. Not only that but my daughters' prom gown came out absolutely perfect!

Lauren F.

We've already had so many last minute "urgent" dry cleaning needs, and the folks at Quality Cleaners have accommodated us and then some.

Alicia D.

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