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Chinese New Year Hits Home

The Chinese New Year began over 3,500 years ago when the mythical beast called the “Year” or “Nian” would terrorize the people, animals, and properties on the eve of the New Year. The beast was said to resemble an Ox, but have the head of a lion, and would live in the sea. People were terrified of this beast until a wise old man learned that the “Year” feared the color red, fire, and loud noises which lead to people hanging red Duilians and lanterns around their houses and businesses as well as using firecrackers. The origin of the Chinese New Year can be dated all the way back to the Shang Dynasty (roughly 1600-1046BC) and those early celebrations began as a sacrificial/religious experience but over the centuries it has evolved into what it is nowadays where people travel to see their family and enjoy decorating with bright red colors, setting off fireworks, sending and receiving red envelopes with small gifts (check out our social media for more special info), and eating good food.

As many of you know the Chinese New Year starts on different days every year, this is because unlike most traditions, they do not use a set calendar. The Chinese Lunar calendar is what determines when the New Year begins, the New Year begins on the first new moon of the lunar calendar and people will celebrate from then until the first full moon of the lunar calendar. The Chinese New Year started out relatively small but it is now one of the biggest holiday celebrations in the entire world.

At Home In The Dry Cleaning Industry

When you choose Quality Cleaners Millis as your local dry cleaner in in Millis, Dover, Medfield, Medway, Needham, Newton, Norfolk, Walpole, Sherborn, Wellesley, and Westwood, you are choosing to join forces with an owner that has the dedication and experience you would expect in a local business owner.

Son to Chinese immigrant parents, Quay Vuong learned early on the value of hard work. His mother was an owner of a textile factory, and his father was an executive head chef in the restaurant industry. Quay started working with his father when he was 11, and worked at the restaurant until he graduated college with a dual bachelor’s degree in finance and real estate.

During his time as the general manager at the restaurant, Quay had many reasons to visit a dry cleaner to look the part of the position. After a bad experience left his best shirt ruined with a permanent marker, indicating his name on the label, he saw what was wrong with the dry cleaning business, and he decided to make his foray into the industry.

There had to be a better way.

Quay opened Quality Cleaners in Millis to help his customers avoid what happened to him, by providing people the best service experience a dry cleaner can offer. Quay has the experience and “can-do” attitude that make Quality Cleaners Millis, the dry cleaner you choose to do business with.

Our Services

Dry Cleaning

Our next day service utilizes only eco-friendly techniques and cleaning solutions.

Dress Shirt Laundering

We are dedicated to laundering and professionally pressing your clothes.

Alterations and Tailoring

From pants’ hems to getting the right fit of a party dress, we have the experience to make sure your clothes fit properly because we know you care about your appearance.

Cleaning Household Items

We can launder all of your household items, too! We offer care for duvet covers, rugs, table linens, bedding, drapery, and so much more!

Shoe Cleaning and Repair

We clean UGGS, recondition leather shoes, repair rubber and leather heels, and resole shoes.

Wedding Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Preserve your wedding memories by having your wedding dress dry cleaned and professionally preserved after your big day.

Horse Blanket Cleaning

We can clean your equestrian blankets, saving you time in your busy life. Either pick up your order when we text you, or take advantage of our home and office delivery service.

Fur and Leather Cleaning

Care for your leather and fur goods with our sensitive cleaning services.

Dedication and innovation make Quality Cleaners top notch,

“…because they’re dedicated, they innovate, they save you time, and they can extend the life of your garments. Plus, your clothes will look way better than after you do them yourself.”

– Local Town Pages

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Please fill out this form or call us at (508) 376-9100 for more immediate service.