We recently made a big change here at Quality Cleaners. We got rid of our bagging machine, which we used to wrap your completed orders in protective plastic wrap.

Our plastic bagging machine has left the building.

Our plastic bagging machine has left the building.

Wrapping completed orders in plastic has been a staple of the dry-cleaning industry for decades. So why did we make this decision?

We feel that there is too much plastic being used in our industry. If we can reduce waste, we can make an impact, even a small one at the local level.

Dry cleaning has not always been known as an environmentally friendly practice. But we are working hard to change that.

Eliminating plastic wrap is one way. We also encourage you to return your hangers so that we can reuse them. We make your transactions paperless as best we can. And our detergents and cleaners are the eco-friendliest on the market.

Most importantly, we want you to embrace the idea of environmentally friendly cleaning everywhere, even at home. Little by little, we can all make a difference.